About Us

Who CWEF is run by passionate volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. Volunteers are all unpaid, and generously donate their time and money towards the mission of CWEF. Several are teachers who understand the benefits of obtaining an education.

How CWEF provides financial assistance to impoverished and vulnerable students to attend school. Each Chapter operates and provides this assistance differently.

Why The CWEF was founded with the intention of paying-it-forward. Many of our students have expressed their gratitude and are inspited to help others once they have finished their education. We are proud to watch that, upon graduation, our students become functioning members of society, thus ending the poverty cycle.

Our History

  1. A Humble Beginning

    Background Story

    When she was only 1 year old, Krishna Chandna's mother became a widow. In India, most children of widowed mothers are forced to leave school early in order to work for their survival. Due to the loving support from her grandparents, she was able to complete her schooling. She knew that without their help, she would not have been able to realize her educational ambitions.

    The Chandnas are the backbone and founding members of the CWEF. They have been very generous, and have inspired many others to support their cause. Read the full story here

  2. Pay it Forward


    Mrs. Krishna Chandna and her husband, Dr. Om Chandna, began to pay it forward by supporting the education of 7 children of 3 widows. By 2000, the Chandna's were supporting the education of 154 children of 54 mothers. As friends and family learned about the project, the support grew steadily.

  3. Made it Official


    The CWEF became a registered, tax-exampty, Canadian Charity.

  4. CWEF Activity In London ON.


    CWEF members of London ON. began raising donations and assiting schools in India.

  5. London Council Begins


    CWEF formed it's London Council. This council help the first annual London CWEF golf tounrnament.

  6. London Council Begins


    The Tanzanian Chapter was established. Click here to learn more about CWEF TZ.

  7. Windsor Council's 1st Annual Golf Tournament


    CWEF Windsor hosts its first golf tournament to raise funds for the India, Kenyan, Tanzanian, and Canadian Chapters.

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Dr. Ron Barron
Executive Director
Phone: (519) 253-3000 ext. 3019
Mrs. Sonal Thaker
Office Administrator
Phone: (519) 250-7693