Principal's Excel Sheets

Steps to Prepare Principal’s Excel Sheet (PES)
Using attached PES for your school of the previous academic year, prepare new PES for the present academic year by following 4 steps given below:
  1. Verify contact information is correct. CWEF requires the contact information for the principal and 1 additional staff member
  2. Delete record of those mothers and whose children are not in school for the present academic year.
  3. Delete record of those students who are no longer enrolled as students in your school for the present academic year.
  4. Modify grades of students for the present academic year after completing steps 1 & 2
  5. Enter information of those mothers who have filled in new applications for the present academic year.
  6. Calculate the total assistance mothers from your school will receive
You can download a PES template here.

Assignment of Assistance
Assign assistance to mothers as detailed below:
  1. If a mother has one child in your school in grade I to VIII, assign 5,000 rupees.
  2. If a mother has one child in your school in grade IX to XII, assign 7,000 rupees.
  3. If a mother has more than one child in school, assign 8,000 rupees.
  4. If a child fails a class, reduce assistance by 2,000 rupees until the child passes this class.
  5. Mothers of up to 15% of all children, in your prepared excel sheet whose academic record was very good, get an additional sum of 300 rupees.

School Name
Academic Year
Additional Contact
Mother's IDMother's Name AddressStudent's First Name Grade Prev. YearMark Grade Curr. YearAssistance
1FirstMotherMother's Address OnlyChild676%75000
4SecondMotherMother's Address OnlyChild985%107000
2ThirdMotherMother's Address FirstChild390%48000
2 SecondChild683%7
3FourthMotherMother's Address OnlyChild535%52000

Submitting Your PES
In order to receive assistance, the following must be recieved by the CWEF by August 15th:
  • Prepared PES for the present academic year
  • Scanned copies of applications for new students
  • Marks of students whose mothers received 300 additional rupees.
    • Please email these to the general manager and office administrator of the CWEF. Material received after August 15 will not be entertained.

      Dr. Ron Barron
      Executive Director
      Phone:(519) 253-3000 ext. 3019
      Mrs. Sonal Thaker
      Office Administrator
      Phone:(519) 250-7693