Our ObjectiveThe primary goal of the Kenyan Chapter is to enable children who have been affected by HIV to continue their education. CWEF will help children who have lost their parents to AIDS, children who have HIV infected parents and children who are themselves infected with HIV.

Kenya is a country in East Africa with a population of 39 million, 42% of whom are age 0-14 years. The AIDS epidemic has created a disproportionate number of orphaned children in Kenya whose care falls in the hands of guardians who have responsibilities of their own. The Kenya Chapter of CWEF has been established to assist orphaned children in Kenya.

Murungaru Primary School

Our focus is currently on Murungaru Primary School which is located in a rural area of the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. The average family income in this rural community is around KSh.2000 (approx.C$30) per month. As a start, our aim was to support about 60 orphans in this school. We are now supporting 200 of these needy students $80 per year will help provide the needs of one child in terms of clothing, books and uniforms. We are starting on a small scale but as we grow, we will expand our project to other schools in Africa. Every dollar will bring a smile to a needy child. Let us all aim for a world without hunger and poverty.