Assistance for Post-Secondary Students

CWEF emphasizes and encourages post-secondary education which is especially important in today’s knowledge intensive world. CWEF is determined to help as many children as possible to achieve their full educational potential.

To apply for assistance, you must supply us with the following completed documents:

  1. Our Application Form
  2. A certificate of enrollment signed and stamped by your college principal.
  3. A copy of your transcript from grade 12
  4. A letter from you, written in English or Hindi that may include:
    1. Your future plans, educational goals & your professional aspirations and interests
    2. How your brothers and sisters are doing, your mother’s struggles to look after her family after your dad’s death & role of your relatives to assist your mother
    3. How assistance by CWEF to your mother for your education helped her and how you feel about helping those whom you could help in your future life when you are well settled.
    4. A photo of yourself with your mother

Process for Our Schools

By August 15th
Submit to CWEF:
  • The grades of students whose mothers are receiving assistance for the previous academic year
  • New applications for mothers who wish to be enrolled in the program for the current year
These are the basis for preparing your Principal's Excel Sheets (PES).
Receive from the HFO:
  • Checks for mothers
  • Mother's Excel Sheets (MES). These require signatures from the mothers
  • Grade 8 students are informed how to continue receiveing assistance for higher studies.
HFO Contact Info
Mrs. Madhur Bhashni Rehani
E - 164 East of Kailash
New Delhi 110065 India.
By November 10th
Submit to the HFO:
  • After receiving her cheque, each mother signs over a revenue stamp (per legal requirement) to acknowledge the receipt of assistance. These go on the MES sheets provided by the HFO.
  • Excel sheets for grade 8 students wiching to pursue post-secondary education
We encouraged to students to write letters to members of the CWEF. Mailing costs will be reimbursed with the amount of assistance that student recieves the following school year.

Helping Children In a New School

CWEF works with schools to assist needy widows in the education of their children studying in those schools. Currently CWEF is working with 29 schools in 8 provinces of India. 100% of the donations received reach mothers because the tiny overhead expenses are covered by the interest earned on emergency funds donated to CWEF by some members.

New and existing donors from US and Canada can propose a new school be added if the following criteria are met:

  1. The school Principal agrees to facilitate the process of providing assistance to mothers whose children are studying at the school.
  2. CWEF and the donor who proposes the school can arrange new donations for assistance to mothers whose children attend the school.
  3. The proposing donor volunteers to help with the simple process involved in putting the money in the hands of mothers as outlined below.

Proces of Putting Money In the Hands of Needy Mothers

Once a new school is approved by the Board of CWEF, the assigned volunteer for this school and the office administrator of CWEF establish contact by email/phone with the new school. After this contact, the following steps are undertaken once every year.

  1. The VOLUNTEER emails new application forms to the school before July 2.
  2. The SCHOOL completes the application forms and emails the completed applications to the volunteer before August 7.
  3. The VOLUNTEER uses the received applications to prepare the first Principal’s Excel Sheet (PES) for the school.
  4. The VOLUNTEER emails the PES to both the general manager and the office administrator of CWEF before August 15th