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London Council for Canadian World Education Foundation

Purpose: The purpose of this auxiliary organization is to:

  • Augment the commitment and profile of CWEF members residing in London and surrounding areas
  • Enhance the visibility of CWEF activities
  • Enlarge the donation base, and
  • Assist the CWEF head office in the management of some aspects of the CWEF activities

Composition: The CWEF London Council will comprises 5 to 7 members elected by the council membership. The elected councillors in consultation with the CWEF President will appoint a Chair for a non renewable 2 year term. However, the retiring Chair may continue on the council and may be reappointed Chair after at least one missed term. The CWEF President or delegate is an ex officio member of the London Council.

Office bearers:  The Council operates with three officers

  • Chair (liaison with CWEF and ATWC)
  • Vice Chair (Promotion, fund raising and membership)
  • Secretary (Meetings, Record keeping, input to CWEF web site)


  • Take responsibility of one or more schools assigned to it for ATW by the CWEF Board for generating funds for these and transferring the collected amounts to CWEF.
  • Maintain records of funds and contributors; assist in the transfer of funds to schools assigned by CWEF to London Council.
  • Notify CWEF of the names of donors and amounts donated so that official tax receipt can be issued.
  • Assist CWEF in correspondence with assigned school principals, students and mothers.

Reference: For Auxiliary CWEF organization in London

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Revised: January 13, 2010, May 17, 2010