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CWEF Tanzania Executive

JulieJulie Caron, Chair
BMus(H), BSc(H), MSc, MD Candidate 2015

Julie was born and raised in Windsor, ON. She attended Vincent Massey Secondary School and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Windsor. Julie obtained her MSc in medical genetics at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Currently she is pursuing an MD at the University of Toronto.

Her life has been filled with an array of diverse work and educational experiences including lifeguarding for the City of Windsor (2001-07), participating in a student exchange to Ireland (2005), extensive traveling throughout Europe (2007), volunteering in Tanzania and in multiple facets in both Windsor and Toronto (2001 – present) and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (2009). Julie loves to travel, adores her two cats – Tiptoe and Little Ding and enjoys living an active lifestyle.

Julie’s volunteer work in Tanzania had a very positive impact on all aspects of her life. She feels that she has gained more from her experience in Tanzania than she gave. Through a career in medicine and through CWEF Tanzania Julie is hoping to give back to the Tanzanian children and the village of Boma Ng’ombe to help repay that debt.  Julie is extremely excited and passionate about supporting SASCO in creating leadership opportunities for children, especially for young women, promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and increasing sustainability and self-reliance through agriculture. As Chair of CWEF Tanzania Julie coordinates and oversees all operations (fundraising, administration etc.) and is the primary liaison between CWEF Tanzania and SASCO.


Aaron Miller, Vice Chair/Webmaster

Aaron was born and raised in the Mojave Desert of Southern California before moving to Hawaii where he attended Roosevelt High School and subsequently got plenty of vitamin D and hopefully not melanoma. Aaron graduated from the University of Hawaii with a degree in psychology. After finishing his studies he moved to South Korea where he taught English as a second language (ESL). While living in East Asia, Aaron traveled throughout Korea as well as to Beijing and Tokyo. Over a year later Aaron moved to Scotland where he earned his MSc in medical genetics also and got to see some of the continent. Aaron visited Tanzania in 2012 and intends to return as often as possible!

He is the Vice Chair and Webmaster for CWEF Tanzania and hopes to one day see a real life T Rex.


Wendy Caron, Treasurer/Secretary
B.ES (H) 1978

A city planner by profession (having received her BES in Urban Planning in 1978 from the University of Waterloo and employed by the City of Mississauga Planning Department from 1978-1983), Wendy chose to be a stay-at-home Mom when her husband’s career relocated them to Windsor, ON in 1983.  That is not to say her planning skills were abandoned.  While raising her children Wendy taught at the local community college and actively volunteered with the City of Windsor as a member of several planning related committees; in the library at Southwood Elementary School; and in the Faculty of Science Office at the University of Windsor.  From 2003 to 2011 she was contracted as the Membership Services provider for the Canadian Operational Research Society.

Excluding her family, Wendy has found the most fulfilling of her life experiences to have been the time she has devoted to children’s literacy and giving back to the community at both the local and global level.  Consequently Wendy is excited by and grateful for the opportunity being a member of the CWEF Tanzania team affords to improve the lives of others through education and the pursuit of sustainability.

In her role as Secretary/Treasurer Wendy will function as the manager of CWEF Tanzania responsible for the conducting the affairs of the Chapter including recording the minutes of meetings, handling correspondence, maintaining files, and coordinating financial matters and transactions with the Treasurers of our partner groups CWEF, the Rotary Club of Windsor 1918, and SASCO.


Rick Caron, CWEF/Rotary Liaison Officer
PhD, Mathematics 1983

Rick is a professor at the University of Windsor.  He served as Department Head of Mathematics and Statistics (1991 – 97) and Dean of Science (1999 – 2008).  He is a past president of the Canadian Operational Research Society, of the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) and of the Canadian World Education Foundation.  In 2017-2018 Rick will the the Governor of Rotary District 6400.  Rick has won several teaching awards including the Ontario Confederation of Faculty Association Award for outstanding contributions to university teaching in 2012-2103.  In 2103 he won the Practice Prize of the Canadian Operational Research Society.  His first trip to Tanzania was with his daughter Julie in 2013 and his commitment to CWEF TZ was inspired by her dedication and vision.


PetraPetronila Michael, Program Coordinator
MA, Political Science

Petronila (Petra) was born in Moshi, Tanzania and grew up in a small village in Rombo, part of the Kilimanjaro region. She is the sixth child from a peasant family of seven. Petra is very passionate about helping children, especially from less affluent families like her own, overcome barriers to education and achieve their full potential. She strongly believes that education can open doors that nothing can close. This belief is born from her own personal experience. Despite all economic odds, and at great sacrifice by her parents, Petra attended government schools from Primary to Advanced High School with high marks always allowing her to move to the next levels.  She was one of the top ten girls in the country in the 2006 National Form 6 exams (with division 1.4-specialized in Kiswahili, English and French). Petra enrolled at the University of Dar es salaam where on the basis of academic excellence; she won a $15,000 scholarship which allowed her to complete her B.A. in Political Science and Public Administration at Carleton University in Canada. She remained in Canada to pursue a Masters in Political Science with specialization in International Development at Carleton. Petra currently lives in Ottawa and works in the international development field. Giving back to the community, whether in Tanzania or Canada has always been a part of Petra’s life; from opening a teaching centre for local children in her bedroom at her parents’ house, volunteering at adult education centres around Moshi and at her former schools, to teaching English to new-comers in the Ottawa community, helping with cross-cultural adjustments and helping immigrant young adults integrate into the Canadian education system.

Petra’s experience and expertise provides a valuable asset to CWEF TZ in her role as Community Development and Cultural Liaison Officer.  She will not only be an inspiration to sponsored children but a valuable resource in terms of her tutoring, ESL skills, and supporting development initiatives in Tanzania.  SASCO will also benefit from her agriculture development expertise and competency working within cross-cultural environments/settings. Introducing CWEF TZ to the Ottawa community is also a role Petra is keenly looking forward to fulfilling.


Theo WolskiTheo
BA, Communications

Theo Wolski’s extensive work in social marketing and public relations is put to good use within the team at CWEF TZ. She is passionate about communication, partnership, and connection. Theo was, and remains, moved by CWEF TZ’s enthusiasm and dedication to their cause. It is for this reason that, after supporting by being a donor, she has volunteered to further support CWEF TZ’s communications initiatives.

Theo completed a BA in Communications Studies from The University of Windsor in 2009. In her thirst for further training, employability and, adventure – she obtained a graduate diploma from Toronto’s George Brown College for Strategic Marketing in 2011 and has maintained her residence in the city ever since.

After having contributed to marketing/sales plans and strategies for brands such as Softchoice, Town Shoes, Eligiblemagazine.com, The Matador Ballroom, and RBC Dominion Securities; she decided to embark on the most daring of adventures – becoming her own boss. Theo currently works as a Strategic Marketing Consultant providing social media, email, and in-bound marketing services, as well as PR and project management expertise to her various clients.


Matt Website 3 (2)
Matthew Caron, Executive Officer

Matthew was born in raised in Windsor, Ontario, and has remained resident there his entire life.  While this may sound dull compared to other executives’ ceaseless globetrotting, Matthew kept himself entertained with myriad hobbies including cooking, birdwatching, roleplaying and strategy games, canoeing, mixed martial arts, trumpet, archaic poetry, and indo-European story patterns.  After graduating with a degree from Windsor Law in April 2013, Matthew began articling at McTague’s law firm.  He hopes his passion for Windsor and interest in municipal development will enable him to add to the firm’s proud tradition of community investment and improvement.  Beyond his budding legal career, Matthew is also a founding member and director of Satyr’s Hoof Publishing Inc, a game-design company for an adult alt-culture market.


Belinda Costa, Graphic Designer

Belinda Costa is from Kingsville, Ontario and graduated with diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communications Management from St. Clair College, Windsor Campus in 2013.  She currently resides in Nova Scotia. Belinda enjoys creating art and music and performing with community theatre groups. Needless to say, she finds happiness in all things creative and is thrilled to support CWEF and SASCO.

As Graphic Designer for CWEF Tanzania, Belinda created logos for both CWEF Tanzania and SASCO. In the future, she will be involved in designing CWEF and SASCO materials and event advertising.